A Shopify App in Laravel Pt 1 - Introduction

If you’re a Laravel / PHP developer trying to learn the basics of building a Shopify App, I am writing this article series for you.

Its the old “information I wish I had when I was starting out” scenario - when I first started developing on the Shopify platform I found the learning process somewhat tedious, mostly given Shopify’s preference for Ruby over PHP, and a general scarcity of solid resources on the subject.

So I will write the articles that I wish I had, and hopefully it will help out a few of you.


To give a decent overview of the process you can actually use, I think that will need to cover the following. As the articles are complete, I will provide a link to that article below.

  1. Introduction (this article)
  2. Installation
  3. The User Model
  4. Authorisation
  5. Billing
  6. Settings
  7. Front end functionality
  8. Webhooks and uninstallation


I am assuming

  • You have some experience in PHP and the Laravel framework (including setting up a basic Laravel project, using 
  • You want to build a Shopify App for the app store, not just a private app (although they are similar)
  • You would like to actually add some front end storefront functionality (not just a pure back-end app)

General Resources

I will cover content specific resources in the relevant article, however some general resources that were useful to me were: