Digital Marketing Services

Promeate digital marketing services have the simple goal of using analytics to help clients make well educated decisions regarding where to invest their time and money. This leads to 2 key benefits:

  1. Minimising waste: Every seen someone invest thousands into a website design that never received any traffic? Of a similar amount into Google Ads when Social media was much better suited to their business? It would break your heart, especially if it was you.
  2. Small initial investments: One of the biggest benefits of digital marketing is that it is HIGHLY trackable. This lends itself very well to small “test campaigns” that you can easily measure the success of. Thus you are able to hold off investing heavily in marketing campaigns until a concept has already been proven. 

To these ends, Promeate offers 2 key services, Setups and Checkups.

Google Analytics and Search Console Setup

If you only have time to do one digital marketing related exercise this year, PLEASE get Google Analytics and Google Search Console setup for your site. Then, when in a years time you realise that you do want to invest some effort into your site’s success, you will have a good years worth of data to work with rather than nothing.

Site Checkups

Site checkups are Promeate’s primary marketing service, and have 3 main goals

  1. Identify issues
  2. Identify opportunities, particularly low hanging fruit
  3. Provide feedback on site performance (to the end of measuring growth)

Types of checkup

There are 3 main types of Checkup

  1. Traffic sources report: Look at where your site is getting its traffic FROM, and how well each traffic source is performing, both in terms of traffic volume and quality. Great to measure the success of any efforts you have made to bring traffic to the site from elsewhere.
  2. Site Performance report: Have a look at the performance of the individual pages of your site, what visitors like and what they don’t, as well as any issues that might have crept in. Good for eliminating issues and leveraging successes.
  3. Visitor Report: Have a look at who is looking at your site, how they are browsing, and when they are doing it.

How often?

Its entirely up to the client how often they have checkups done, and may be as simple as “as soon as Ive finished actioning the ideas provided in the last report”. That said, here are few guidelines:

  • New clients: its not a bad idea to start with a single report just to see if its for you
  • For hobby sites (not a primary business): Getting each of the reports done every year or 2 could be more than enough, just to get a high level view over how your site is performing.
  • For business websites: More often makes sense for business websites, because a) Letting an issue (or opportunity) go undetected for say 12 months may not be acceptable and b) checkups can be a good catalyst for taking action, and busy businesses often struggle prioritising big picture activities (such as marketing) over the day to day running of their business.


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