Ecommerce Services

Consultation and Training

More often than not, Consultation is the first (and most crucial step) in an E-Commerce project. The reason for this is quite simple - it can save you a bunch of time and money. From an hour on skype, to a conversation over coffee, to spending a couple of days onsite with the client - this is always time well spent.

Paul's wisdom and advice regarding my website has saved me (maybe weeks) trying to figure things out on my own. I have appreciated that he has explained things in a simple and easy to understand way and instead of laughing at my outrageous questions, he came up with an effective solution or suggestion.

Mitch Grivins, Bruinsma Grasstrees

Shopify Setups

Shopify setups aim to provide clients with a flexible, painless way to get up and running on the Shopify ecommerce website platform as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

These can vary dramatically in scope depending on the clients needs and for a more comprehensive treatment of whats involved see this article, however the 3 main elements are a) technical (eg domain configuration, shipping configuration), b) design (eg configuring slideshow, logo) and c) content (eg products and pages)

Paul was able to guide and assist me on all matters relating to the setting up and launch of our store...I highly recommend Paul to help start your online business and as such have already begun working with him on the next another project.

Tony Barton, Represcent


Inevitably at some point a client will need to tweak the design or functionality of their store beyond what the "standard settings" will allow - this is where customization comes in.

Professional, friendly and super quick service. We requested a list of changes to our site and Paul provided us with all the information we needed to know in an easy to understand breakdown, and completed the changes in no time at all.

Amber Tserdanis, Silverblue


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