Is Promeate an Australian Business or a Canadian Business?

Promeate started life as an Australian business but is now a Canadian business (as of July 2016). For Australian clients we endeavour to make things as streamlined as possible by setting aside time weekday mornings (AEST) for teleconferences, and invoicing in $AU through PayPal for all Australian clients.

Why does Promeate always start setups with a fresh site?

There are multiple reasons for this, some of which are:

  • A clean slate is always easier to work with, and clients should not need to pay for development time simply for us to "clean up" a site
  • As a Shopify partner, we receive affiliate benefits based on the number of stores we have setup, which in turn allows us to offer a more competitive rate to clients
  • A development store offers several benefits over both a trial store and the lower rate plans that streamline the setup process
  • It allows us to configure our own developer access right from the start and not have to get client to do this for us.